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You have continuous access to our complete collection of audio files and other online tools.  You can get through them all!  Good luck as you take more control of your life and set out to achieve your financial goals.

Files included:

audio lessons + brief slides to view or for note taking + optional transcripts


Lesson 1 - Introduction & Overview



You Can't Begin to Save if You Have Too Much College Debt

Lesson 2 - Define the Problem - A Broken System


Lesson 3 - Pursue Your Passions (Career Choice)


Lesson 4 - Choose a School You Can Afford


You Can't Save if You Can't Get and Hold a Good Job

Lesson 5 - Define the Problem - Career Uncertainty


Lesson 6 - Adopt a Mindset that Embraces Change


Lesson 7 - Keep Investing in Yourself


Make Daily Decisions to Save and Build Wealth

Lesson 8 - Why Save?


Lesson 9 - How to Save?


Lesson 10 - What to Do With Savings?


Lesson 11 - Recap


Miscellaneous tools:

Book summary: 


'Beta Version' - Spreadsheet Tool:

'What's Left?'

Understand your financial situation and live by the formula:   


(WANTS are 'What's Left')

Audio 1
Audio 8
Audio 10
Audio 11
Audio 7
Audio 6
Audio 5
Audio 4
Audio 3
Audio 2
Audio 9
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