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 Producing Financially Savvy & Career-Ready Young Adults

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Parents, Help Your Kids Achieve Better Life Outcomes;
Young Adults, Learn to Earn and Save More

"You can do this!  You can become financially literate and take more control of your life.  Your Sherpa delivers a roadmap to enable your success, illustrating that financial literacy is not a tedious academic exercise but rather it is about daily, real-life decisions, and family conversations - it is literally a tool to unlock your potential and achieve better life outcomes."

Dr. Arthur Laffer, Sr. Economic Advisor to two Presidents and winner of the Medal of Freedom



You want help teaching your kids about money.

You worry funding college will ruin your retirement dreams.


As a teacher, counselor, or administrator, you struggle with the lack of, or quality of, financial literacy taught at your school.


You see peers choosing colleges they can't afford or degrees that don't earn good jobs.

Service Providers

As a CFP, CPA, Parenting Coach, or College Consultant, you would benefit from another touch point that helps your client's whole family.

Young Professionals

You're making 'real money' for the first time but live paycheck to paycheck.


You want to learn to earn and save more.


You want help with new-hire orientation or, in general, agree that an employee who achieves their financial goals is a more stable and productive contributor.


A Framework Focused on Starting Young

Story-Based Content Teaches 'Why' and 'How' to Save

Need To

Why save? Save because you NEED to. You have many future financial responsibilities and life events.

Start young so you are ready.

Want To

Why save? Save 

because you WANT to. You should want to participate in the exciting growth potential of money. 

Start young to give money the most time to grow.

Position To

How to save? Stay in POSITION to save. Avoid obstacles that prevent saving like college debt and underemployment.

Start young to be ahead of problems.

Process To

How to save? Have

a personal PROCESS to save. Choose the mindset and learn the life skills to succeed.


Start young to form good habits early. 


(Hint: Not tedious, math-heavy financial literacy lessons)

  • Broad life skills.

  • Motivation to start young and to set/hit near-term goals.

  • A sense of urgency to prepare for the future.

  • Excitement about the growth potential of money.

  • Actionable advice and frank conversations about college and career decisions:

    • College is not right for everyone.​

    • If you go, how to choose a school you can afford.

    • Minimizing college debt benefits parents too!

    • A career path is a winding path; how to be adaptable, embrace change, and invest in yourself to stay employed (with the work/life balance you want).

  • Once you know the need to save, want to save, and are in position to save, we teach the mindset and a specific method to succeed -  to make daily decisions to save and build wealth (to be independent, and able to care for others).​

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