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Your Sherpa
Founder Bio


Jeff Tyburski has broad analytical skills and experience in money management, training, and mentoring.

Jeff started as an engineer, for 13 years, and then worked as a senior analyst and portfolio manager for over 20 years.  He earned an MBA in finance and the CFA Charter.

Jeff created and led an internal school to train new research department analysts, to promote the sharing of lessons learned and best practices, and to encourage mentoring.

He served as the president of a non-profit working with communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo to nurture aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jeff learned a great deal about pursuing one’s passions from his wife of over 30 years and two driven and focused children.


With Your Sherpa, LLC, Jeff combines and leverages his professional experience and desire to help others.


The analyst in him identified the problems he set out to solve. The engineer created the framework.  The teacher, mentor, and parent deliver the message.

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