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There is nothing more expensive than a free kitten!

As I write, Marshmellow (intentionally spelled wrong, I forget why) is at the pet hospital. I am being a bit loose with the title because he wasn't totally free. His brother Fisher (RIP), though, was free and then went on to have two surgeries, countless procedures, and a special diet over 18 years (or 2 years, 9 times). Fisher was a love but definitely not a cheap love.

The point of this rant is that life happens. If you don't have control of your finances, you may not have an emergency fund or the realistic expectation that pets aren't cheap. I am not the cat person in the house, but I love the joy they bring to those who love them (and I'd be lying if I didn't admit an over-the-top relationship between me and the dog).

We have many future financial needs - a car, home, wedding(s), college, retirement, healthcare, etc. Daily needs are getting more expensive and of course we all want to live an enjoyable life with memorable family experiences (trips aren't cheap).

We will have many posts about HOW to save - key to which is to have specific saving goals over various time horizons. I advocate saving first (so it gets done) and then living off what remains. Saving money is not just for those long-dated needs like college and retirement. Some money must be put aside simply for an infrequent bill like auto insurance. And of course, some must be put aside for very unpredictable expenses (unpredictable in the short term but surprisingly consistent year to year) like the vet.

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