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Parents: Young people aren’t saving money. Even worse, many are in no position to start, saddled with college debt or underemployed.

Fortunately, there is a road map for becoming financially literate, empowering a new generation on their journey to financial freedom.

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About The Book

Your Sherpa - Your Parental Guide to Financial Literacy

Your Sherpa guides students and young adults as they navigate key financial decisions in their lives.  With this book for parents, and video lessons and online resources for students, the ultimate goal is to teach young adults the mindset and skills to make daily decisions to save and build wealth; starting early and compounding for decades.


Initial lessons ensure young adults are in the position to save by avoiding excessive college debt and being able to get and hold a good job.


We offer a refreshingly frank conversation about the challenges people face to save money, and how it is our individual responsibility, starting at a surprisingly young age, to overcome these headwinds.

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Would you like help teaching your children to be financially literate?


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Are you struggling with the lack of, or quality of, financial literacy taught at your school? 


Are you worried students are making emotional decisions when they choose a college?



Are you concerned that many peers are choosing schools they can't afford and careers they are not passionate about or lack the earning power needed to pay off college debt?



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5 Ways This Book Can Help You Help Your Kids

#1. Understanding why you NEED to save…

The ultimate goal is to help young people save money.  By discussing the many future financial needs and events that lie ahead, longer life expectancy, and how funding our future is increasingly our individual responsibilities, we create a sense of urgency over the NEED to save.


#2. Understanding why you should WANT to save…

Helping people see the need is just the first step.  We then motivate people to WANT to save by showing them how money can grow through the miracle of compounding.


#3. Avoid Excessive College Debt...

Critically, you must be in a position to save.  We help young people get ahead of and avoid problems that prevent saving like excessive college debt.  This entails a deep discussion about choosing a career you are passionate about and selecting a college you can afford.  


#4. Be Able to Get and Hold a Good Job...

Being in position to save also means ensuring you are not underemployed and that you can adapt to the changing world around you.  We convey key insights on embracing change and constantly investing in yourself; beyond school and through all facets of your life.


#5. Understanding HOW to Save & Build Wealth...

Once you understand the need to save, have the personal desire to save, and you are in position to save (with minimal debt and a good job with growing income), it is time to know HOW to save.  We teach HOW to save with an emphasis on the mindset and daily lifestyle choices needed to succeed.

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Easy to follow and accessible, Your Sherpa encourages parents and kids to talk about money and financial wellness and shows them how to navigate key financial decisions in their lives. Story-based lessons illustrate that financial literacy is not the tedious, academic subject many expect but rather a tool to achieve better life outcomes.