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Financial Literacy Roadmap from Start to Finish

Perfect for Families (Parents & Kids) and Young Adults
Listen, Watch, and Learn on Your Phone

Videos Include Concise Slides & Captions

Handouts Include Printable PDF Summaries & Worksheets

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What is included?

Our 25 video lessons are short (2-3minutes), story-based, engaging, and potentially life-changing. We give actionable advice using a memorable framework. You can do it. You can get through them all. Our complete digital bundle also includes a free eBook and printable PDF summary sheets and worksheets.

What will you learn?

Our approach to financial literacy is unique in that we provide a roadmap from start to finish; a true personal processWe focus on saving money and always emphasize starting young.

You will be excited to realize that what you are actually purchasing is the ability to take more control of your life. Taking more control enables you to unlock your full potential. 

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