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Value Proposition

What We Do

Examples of what is possible (seriously!):


Example scenario #1 -- Save $100/month in your 20s. 

If you apply your "Sherpa mindset" and change your spending behavior enough to save $100/month for the 10 years in your 20s, with a reasonable return on your savings, when you are 60 you would have over $125,000!  Couldn't you save $100/month by simply cutting out some $4 coffees, some $10 lunches, a $25 dinner, cutting your cable chord, or other small purchasing decisions?

Example scenario #2 -- Avoid $10,000 in student debt. 

If you apply your "Sherpa college choice decision framework" and you end up with $10,000 less in student loans, you would avoid over $4000 in interest payments!  And of course, if instead of being in a $10,000 hole, if you saved the $120/mo. payment, you could have over $150,000 by the age of 60!

To Parents:

  • We deliver a frank and powerful message that children need to learn about financial literacy and make sound college/career decisions -- and the realization that poor college selection and financing decisions not only put their child in a financial hole but also impact (or totally trash) their retirement plans.  

To the firms, employers, and organizations who work with us:

  • Employers  - Employees (individuals and families) who control their finances and lives are more stable and productive, which pays dividends to an employer.

  • Firms that introduce us to their client bases - We offer another touch point to improve client retention, reducing turnover sensitivity to other factors (e.g. investment returns).

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