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Help Your Kids Become Future-Ready & Financially Savvy

Dr. Arthur Laffer
Sr. Economic Advisor to two Presidents and winner of the Medal of Freedom

"You can do this!  You can help your kids become financially literate and take more control of their lives.  In fact, we all must do this.  We owe it to our future selves, our family, our community, and our nation.  Your Sherpa delivers a road map to enable our success, illustrating that financial literacy is not an academic exercise but rather it is about daily, real-life decisions, and family conversations - it is literally a tool to better life outcomes."

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Better Life Outcomes

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   ^ Financial Literacy

Why We Started


We started down this path out of concern that too few people are preparing for their financial future.


Many are in no position to even start, saddled with college debt and unable to get, or hold onto, a good job in our changing world.

These problems demand a unique approach with a focus on starting to save money at an early age.

How We Are Unique


Tone: We offer a refreshingly frank conversation about the challenges young people face to save money, the broken systems that perpetuate these problems, and how it is our individual responsibility to overcome these challenges.

Scope: We teach broad life skills, how to choose a college you can afford and a job you love, and how to stay employed and grow your income.

What We Do

 We team up with parents to bring educational content to students and young adults.


We offer a FREE eBook (typically for parents), a blog, FREE introductory videos, and our full video library for just $19.99.

Join us at basecamp and begin your journey.


See how financial literacy can be a tool to take more control of your life to achieve your goals.

Mountains in Fog

A Framework Focused on Starting Young

Our story-based content covers
'Why save?' and 'How to save'

Why Save? Because you NEED to.

You have many future financial needs and life events.

Start young so you are ready.

Why Save? Because you should WANT to. 

Money grows!

Start young to give it the most time to grow.

How to Save: Stay in POSITION to save.

Avoid obstacles that prevent saving 

like excessive college debt and underemployment.

Start young to be ahead of problems.

How to Save: Have a personal PROCESS to.

Have the mindset to choose a lifestyle focused on saving.

Have the life skills to 'save first', then live off what remains.

Start young to form good habits early.


It's not a hill, it's a mountain as you start out the climb.


A sherpa provides expert guidance on Himalayan climbs.  A sherpa prepares, teaches and supports the climber before and along the journey.  We want to be your financial sherpa.  While many financial firms use names that evoke an image of the peak, summit, or pinnacle (i.e., symbolizing the end point, retirement), we recognize that many people, particularly students and young adults, are at the very beginning.  Your SherpaLLC is with you at base camp, ready to teach, inspire, and guide you to financial success and better life outcomes.


“I worked as an engineer, analyst, and portfolio manager for a combined 33 years. I created and led an internal school to teach new analysts and am president of a non-profit helping aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa. The analyst in me identified the problems I set out to solve in my book. The engineer created the framework. The mentor and parent in me deliver the message. 

Many students are choosing schools they can't afford and careers they are not passionate about or do not generate the earnings power needed to pay off college debt. Many others can't apply their degrees or stay employed in today's changing world. My goal is to produce future-ready and financially savvy young adults. This requires content that teaches actionable lessons and real life skills. "


 Jeff Tyburski

Author & Founder Your Sherpa, LLC 


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Easy to follow and accessible, Your Sherpa encourages parents and kids to talk about money and financial wellness and shows them how to navigate key financial decisions in their lives. Story-based lessons illustrate that financial literacy is not the tedious, academic subject many expect but rather a tool to achieve better life outcomes.  

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