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Why & How to Save Money

10 Steps to Saving Money

What to Teach Your Kids About Money

  1. A TOOL...View money as a tool to help take more control of your life and achieve your goals.

  2. A NEED...You need to save! Start early and save with urgency for your many future financial needs and life events.

  3. A DESIRE...Money grows! Get excited. You should want to save. Start early to give money the most time to grow.

  4. AVOID...Be ahead of problems. Stay in position to save by avoiding obstacles to saving like excessive college debt and underemployment.

  5. A PASSION...You can’t save if you can’t earn; its best to pursue a job you love. Also review existing needs in the economy and consider if you could excel at that career.

  6. A CHOICE...The mindset to save money is a lifestyle choice with daily decisions.

  7. A HABIT...It is easier to form good habits young then change bad habits later in life. Have a personal process.

  8. A PRIORITY...From your earnings, SAVE FIRST, then live off what remains.

  9. ADAPT...To stay employed, and able to keep saving, learn to be adaptable in a changing world.

  10. A LEGACY...Financial success enables you to care for your family, and give to others.

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