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Our Mission

Why We Started

We want people to thrive, to reach personal goals, be better positioned to help their families, and to contribute more to the world around them. 


Financial success fosters the security, independence, and goal attainment necessary to make this happen. 


However, we see three serious problems preventing most young people from saving money and setting out on a path to achieve financial goals.

The problems:

  1. Soaring cost of attending college resulting in high levels of student and parent debt:  Many people are in no position to save and build wealth because they are deep in a financial hold due to debt.

  2. Career uncertainty:  In a rapidly changing world, people today are very uncertain about their potential to earn a higher income.  In fact, today, there is broad uncertainty about even getting and holding a good job. 

  3. A general lack of financial literacy:  Even if people are in a position to save, that is, they don't have excessive college debt and have a good job, many simply do not know how to save money.  Alarmingly, this is just as the need to be financially literate is rising as it is increasingly our responsibility to fund our financial futures.

Our mission:

We want to PREVENT soaring college debt, by promoting a process to get the career you need with minimal debt.  Our focus is on having clear career goals and choosing a school you can afford by removing emotion from the selection decision.  We also challenge conventional thinking by explicitly asking "are you sure college is right for you?"


We have unique advice on how to ADAPT to the changing world and career uncertainty, to help people stay employable.

We want to SOLVE the general lack of financial literacy by teaching people why we must save, how to save, and what to do with savings. 

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